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تبلیغات حرفه ای گناباد میزبانی وب الکسا،گوگل،سئو،آمار

Qanat Qasba Gonabad

Qanat Qasba is the world's largest, deepest, most marvelous and oldest aqueduct, dating from 2500 to 2700 years ago, and one of the world's finest blue feats, consisting of two main strata and six sub-branches.

قنات قصبه گناباد

The number of wells in this aqueduct exceeds 470 rings, and its mother is in the northern slopes of the Black Mountain with a depth of approximately 280 to 300 meters. Naser Khosrow has counted the depth of the well of Qanat by 700 and its length is 4 times. Currently, the aqueduct is 150 liters per second and is the only water source in the city. Ghassab Qanat, as one of the amazing phenomena of human construction, is a symbol of human reconciliation with nature.

Qanat Qasba Gonabad

Old architects have beautifully decorated the space of this aqueduct. The interior of the aqueduct has a marvelous canal and tunnel, with holes mounted on lamps and exhaust pipes and lighting fixtures. A piece of pottery around the wells of this field indicates that the field is located on the main canal of the Qanat, which was drilled during the Achaemenid times, followed by other dug lines of the qanats. The Qanat of Gonabad is one of the best places to visit this city in terms of its location and history.

Qanat Qasba Gonabad

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